Elaina’s Head Injury Story & Clare Takes Over Nashville

This week we visit Stockholm to hear how an attack in London left Elaina O’Shea with a traumatic brain injury that changed her life and how she is managing it, and then we stop somewhere on the road to Nashville, where Clare Cunningham is blazing a brave trail in a remarkable solo career as a songwriter and musician in America.

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Rodney’s New Zealand Odyssey

When Rodney Walshe and his mother took the plunge and moved to New Zealand many decades ago, there were no first-class seats or airport lounges – instead it was a month-long boat trip and a new life in a new country with little chance of going back. Since then he has become what the Department Of Foreign Affairs have described as “the most recognised and respected Irish citizen in New Zealand”, and this week he joins the Global Gael to tell his amazing story.

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Gone To America With Con Hurley

This week on the Global Gael, Corkman Con Hurley talks about growing up in England, returning home and writing “Gone To America”, a deeply-researched and fascinating account of his family’s history of emigration from the west coast of our island to the west coast of North America. 

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The Sydney Currach & Kiwi Leon

In this episode we head Down Under, where friends Joe McManus and Jamie Cleere have built a currach and sailed it under Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge, and Leon Hartnett joins me from Invercargill on New Zealand’s South Island to talk about finding a sense of community in a place about as far from Dublin as you can get on this planet.
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Ambassador Marianne & Sportswriter Dan

On the very first episode of the Global Gael we meet Marianne Bolger, the Clondalkin woman who was recently appointed Ireland’s ambassador to Jordan, and journalist Dan Shaughnessy, whose ancestors left Galway and Ireland in the wake of the Famine. That decision eventually led to him being born in Massachusetts and going on to become one of the most respected sportswriters in America.
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